About Us

The Indian Journal of Health Care Management is a six monthly, peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary publication that primarily publishes articles on research in different aspects of Health Care Management i.e. health system research, hospital planning, health care project management, Operations management in health care, public health, health policy, global health, disparities concerns in health care delivery, health systems and program strategies and related areas.

Our journal is committed to publishing innovative research articles that have a huge impact on delivery of health care system, health policy research and planning, and strategies. This journal has an aim to offers policy makers, academics, governmental and non-governmental organizations, development partners and the health care professionals, an international forum that combines cutting edge research-based evidence for policy and program strategies in health care. It is dedicated to providing healthcare leaders with the information they need to manage complex healthcare issues and to make effective strategic decisions. It also provides a forum for discussion of current trends and presentation of new research as applied to healthcare management

In addition to publishing original articles the journal encourages submission of systematic reviews and metanalysis, mini reviews, comment, correspondence, viewpoints, ideas, conference reports, and reflections pertinent to the health care management. Everyone is welcomed to submit a manuscript, focussing on any aspect of health care management. The Indian Journal of Health Care Management serves a unique and an excellent platform for people interested in developing and contributing knowledge in management research in the health sector in a scientific and a more vigorous manner for sharing and dissemination with a global and regional perspective